by Big Dumb Kid

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released April 13, 2012

All Tracks Written/Produced/Recorded & Mixed by Brogan Galceran
Lyrics on track 02 by Brogan Galceran, Brendan Robb & Jack Shipway
Lyrics on track 07 by Brogan Galceran & Roy Weiland
All other Lyrics written by Brogan Galceran
Mastered by Martin Peralta



all rights reserved


Big Dumb Kid Sydney, Australia

Wielding 16-bit gamer sounds and a strong Hip Hop ethic BDK fuses the bright synthesizers and rich melodies of Electronic music with a care free flow and autonomous perspective of his surroundings and himself, BDK writes conscious rap songs for inquisitive listeners..

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Track Name: The Ballad of BDK
I was born February 19th
Star sign Aquarius
sometimes Pisces
through time I’d write beats
to define what my mind sees
while I’m asleep
now I’m wide awake
and the cake is a lie
with everything at stake
I finally feel alive
and it feels good
I must admit
but sometimes I feel like
I’m just a Big Dumb Kid

when I skate down the street
Big Dumb Kid
when I sing on a beat
Big Dumb Kid
when I try to look tough
Big Dumb Kid
when I’m making love
Big Dumb Kid

at the age of 18 I bought my first laptop
back when a Mac was known as a Macintosh
now I’m making apple sauce
and that of course
is due to the fact that I’d stay indoors
and just let my mind do some wondering
smoke a bit of weed
to see if it would lead me to something
and if nothing came of it
I picked up a game
and slayed some muppets
I’d like to tell you I’ve changed
but I haven’t
a 22 year old child
with bad habits
happened over time I guess
I got lazy
at least I’m not dead
I hope I’m not crazy
Track Name: Raw ft. Those Crooks
straight out the door
I’m raw
flawless roar
from the jaws of a boar
big dumb kid with the mic at war
looking like a knight with a sword
I chop heads like a guillotine
aqua teen hunger force
is my favourite team
dirty deeds done dirt cheap
is my theme
I’m a do this scene solo
like Mr. bean
I get lean like the tower of pisa
make you smile like the mona lisa
I never miss a beat
check check my melody
I broke bad
but I still got the chemistry

and I fight back with knives
like that
fight back with knives
right back
fight back with knives
like that
like that like that
Track Name: Paper Skulls
My skull splits
it spits brains across the page
as the room shifts
I haven’t seen the sun in days
so my hands are twitching
and I’m fixated on an itching sensation
in a location
my brain says
doesn’t exist
with my teeth clenched
I go to grab a pen
so I can write down these things
like a caveman in a dungeon
and all of a sudden
there is nothing
and I’m sucked in
I lose myself in the moment
and own it, I fucking transcend
space and time
I’m optimus prime
designing rhymes
automatic climatic
the over ride is dramatic
brain magic
I’m a fanatic
acid mathematic
placid on the surface
but my brain waves are rapid

In this instance
I feel like an infant
with an affinity for thinking
his existence is infinite
come to think of it
I’m fiddling with medicine
trying to get the lid off the top
so I can drink it
Mr fix it
this kid’s sins are wicked
demonic melodies
in my pocket like a wizard
I’m on it like a rocket
shooting for the stars
catch me on the weekends
getting raucous in the bars

cause sleep is for the weak
you’re almost at your peak
pick it up and start again
perfect your technique
Track Name: Somebody Else
I want to be rich
these dollar signs in my eyes itch
I want to make money
like a hungry young kid
I want to be the best yet
I want to stand the test of time
this is my testament
I want to live life right
eyes wide open
holding the mic like it’s golden
bend and fold it
with a sense of motion
truth be told
I want to grow old knowing
that I have lived
life like a king
not a kid
it’s so ridiculous
some of the things that I did
when I was a young youth
I used to run loose
with knives as wings
dreaming of violent things

I want to be wise
eyes on the prize
like a tiger
I’m on the rise
devising lifes cyphers
mind over matter
with the might of a pen
my life gets better
every night that I spend
staying up late
with a plate of chaos
decayed and in a state
I write the story of
Big Dumb Kid and the things that I did
I done did things big
bigger than any other kid
Track Name: Neon Hell
Sometimes I feel like I’m dining with monsters
impostors of people who feast on the corpses
of whores that cross dress
to impress their friends
they should just cut their losses
and fucking end it
sometimes I wander from my dungeon
past the stars until there’s nothing
and I dance with the devil

sometimes it’s like I’ve fallen under a spell
and I’m given the chance to see where demons dwell
the flames are disguised as neon lights
but I know it all too well
this is hell
and I’m dancing with the devil