by Big Dumb Kid

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released July 13, 2011



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Big Dumb Kid Sydney, Australia

Wielding 16-bit gamer sounds and a strong Hip Hop ethic BDK fuses the bright synthesizers and rich melodies of Electronic music with a care free flow and autonomous perspective of his surroundings and himself, BDK writes conscious rap songs for inquisitive listeners..

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Track Name: Dumb Luck
Sometimes I get misconstrued
as a rude kid
the truth is
my mood swings like
cupids evil twin
I smoke regularly
so my mentality
is fucked up
like mortal kombat fatalities
my family thinks I’m on a class A drug
nah mum, I just dress like a thug
I’m a fucking bum
living life like I’m dumbstruck
but I get by with a bit of dumb luck

I get by with some help from my friends
I get high cause my sanity depends on it
I’m alive when I’m writing music
I’ve started a fire now watch me fuel it

with a head full of dreams
and a handful of change
I stagger like a daggers edge
lost on stage and
usually I’m the shy type
until I grab a mic
then I let the shit hit the fan
and damn it feels good
to be where I am
I’m making moves
to renew my future
my story’s first hand
Track Name: Vampires Don't Party Like This
It's a smooth wake up
and a walk back home
the stench of smoke
is still heel and toe
the taste of blood is on my lips
and vampires don't party like this
I tell myself everything'll be alright
mum and dad won't ever find out
that I spent my pay on a week night out
with the ghouls and now I'm paying the price

I may be broke
But I'm not broken
I'm kicking and screaming through the night

It's just a rough night out
wreaking havoc with the goons
pissing in the park
and howling at the moon
and when the moon is replaced
by the rays of the sun
we'll be licking our wounds
and sucking our thumbs

I may be broke
But I'm not broken
I'm kicking and screaming through the night
Track Name: Anthony
My middle name is Anthony
it’s my father’s name
and his father too
we don’t look much the same
but there are those who say we do
and sometimes when I laugh
I get wrinkles near my eyes
that my father also has
but his wrinkles are from age
and when I’m older
I want to look like I have lived a life
and not just some soldier
with a knife tattooed on his leg
and when I’m older
I want to look like I have lived the life
that was sold to me when I turned 17

My mother says she loves
the way I did my hair
back when I was just 16
back when I didn’t care
now I look like a dishevelled
Elvis impersonator
who got stuck in a rut
and dropped guitar
for electronic music
that supersonic new shit
Track Name: About My Dreams
I felt like writing a song about my dreams
so I woke up and wrote down
what I had seen in my dreams
I see the world spinning off axis
but perfection comes from practice
so I let the earth go about its business
hanging there in space
with the moon as its witness
I tried to take a picture
so I could bring it home
but when I came back
It’d been deleted from my phone
oh no it was another technological tragedy
although it inspired me to write a rhapsody
sometimes my dreams, they get the best of me
or so it seems when I’m floating through a mystery

and now I’m free falling
but I hear a voice calling
and it’s saying something
but I just seem to keep falling
until I’m stumbling
the voice is mumbling
“a beat is the key”
but the keys to my dreams
are at the bottom of the sea
Track Name: Amidst The City
It was quiet
the trains were sleeping
I had a bag full of paint
and a creature in my brain
I was nervous
the thrill of creeping
but on the surface
I was calm and ready for anything
I was a shadow
cast across a sea
of empty bottles and potholes
amidst the city

and I’m running for my life
at the first sign of daylight

and it seems like a perfect excuse
to put my boredom to some use
I’m sick of seeing black and white
so tonight I’m painting everything in sight

and I’m running for my life
at the first sign of daylight