Paper Skulls

from by Big Dumb Kid



My skull splits
it spits brains across the page
as the room shifts
I haven’t seen the sun in days
so my hands are twitching
and I’m fixated on an itching sensation
in a location
my brain says
doesn’t exist
with my teeth clenched
I go to grab a pen
so I can write down these things
like a caveman in a dungeon
and all of a sudden
there is nothing
and I’m sucked in
I lose myself in the moment
and own it, I fucking transcend
space and time
I’m optimus prime
designing rhymes
automatic climatic
the over ride is dramatic
brain magic
I’m a fanatic
acid mathematic
placid on the surface
but my brain waves are rapid

In this instance
I feel like an infant
with an affinity for thinking
his existence is infinite
come to think of it
I’m fiddling with medicine
trying to get the lid off the top
so I can drink it
Mr fix it
this kid’s sins are wicked
demonic melodies
in my pocket like a wizard
I’m on it like a rocket
shooting for the stars
catch me on the weekends
getting raucous in the bars

cause sleep is for the weak
you’re almost at your peak
pick it up and start again
perfect your technique


from Chocolate, released April 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Big Dumb Kid Sydney, Australia

Wielding 16-bit gamer sounds and a strong Hip Hop ethic BDK fuses the bright synthesizers and rich melodies of Electronic music with a care free flow and autonomous perspective of his surroundings and himself, BDK writes conscious rap songs for inquisitive listeners..

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